I should be calling you
With news that is good

But mama
I think I'm losing
I'm a failure for good

And everytime I wake up
I think of what I did
And I think of who I hurt
Told me to go away
Never told you and I'm ashamed
So my dreams died young
On that awful dreaded day
I hurt the ones I love
And I dreamt of those I hate
And took time out of my day
To reprent for what I payed

Lying on coldwater
I breathed harder than I sunbathed
Head red from the head bangs
Wall bloodier than a bull rage
I called a friend or two

Looking down turnpikes
With headlights in my eyes
Somewhere between the 101 and
The 405 I cried
And called my lover

2 times for good luck
1 time the hotline picked up
And I made it

I'm still here
Head cleared of it all
Thought the call would
Drain me white
You're telling me it'll all be alright
And I trust you
I did some things that I wouldn't normally do
But I'm not half bad
At least my momma told me that


from Natalie Green is my Lover, released June 30, 2017



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